Who I am

I live in Southwestern Michigan and am a proud V8 Vega owner.
This blog is about my 1972 Chevy Vega, which I have had for 36 years now. It was my Father’s Day present in 1979, and is arguably my fourth and best-behaved child.
My hobby has kept me out of jail, from gambling, from chasing other women and from becoming an alcoholic. 😉

This was taken at a park in 2008. I'm the guy you can see clearly behind the hood.

This was taken at a park in 2008. I’m the guy you can see on the left.

If you have questions about my projects or just feel like dropping a line, e-mail:

jwiese1972 [at] gmail.com


Under the hood



Dad's best behaved child


12 responses to “Who I am

  1. Great shots and sweet ride. I’d love to speak with you further and see more. I have a ’77 Vega wagon and am looking to upgrade to Monza brakes. Also curious what size your wheels/tires are. Looks good. Keep it up.

    • Jon

      The credit for most of the pictures goes to my daughter. She has a natural eye for composition, & often captures the subject of the moment in ways I never think would work until I see the picture. Then I think WOW!

      The wheels are 15 X 7.
      The rear tires are 275-60 x 15.
      The front ones are 195-60 x 15.
      Here is the link to the page with more info on the wheels / tires.

  2. I love the look of the 1988 pic with the old school hood scoop with the stripes on the side of the scoop. I have collected many pics of your vega over the years. I must say the back up lights are very clever, so clever that I want to do that on my vega. ( the Killer 454 YENKO VEGA) … Thats Just A Great Looking Vega You Built.. Bryan.

  3. Jim Zaborowski

    do you still have the vega, join my facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/VegaNation/

  4. randall simon

    I believe that may be the same car I painted while working at the custom shops in bridgeman michigan in the 80’s… if you owned the car back then I’m sure you would remember.

  5. Jon

    Yes, I had it painted there in 1985.

  6. Jozef Turcan

    Would be interested in buying Or renting your Reamer you have?

  7. Jozef Turcan

    Your 10 degree ball joint reamer

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