Power windows

Power windows in a Chevy Vega.

Yes, power windows! Putting things that don’t exactly belong in a 1972 Vega is one of my past-times. I also have installed a power seat on the driver’s side.

I’ve had several requests for information, so I’m sharing pictures from the process.

I used the SPAL part # 33000031 motor kit and their 33040121 switch kit. SPAL has very complete and easy to understand instructions included. I would link to the kit, but the link I used to have doesn’t work.

I used 16 gauge Monster brand 4 conductor wiring cable in the door jamb, available from Parts Express. The Parts Express part number I used was #100-652. It cost me .69 per foot and I bought 20 feet.  They do have 14 gauge 4 conductor available, but the 16 gauge has worked fine.  The reason for 4 conductor is in case you want to run power door locks later (which I also did).  You see 2 wiring bundles in my door jamb, because in addition to the power windows, I also have power locks & speakers mounted in the doors. The cable is white, but I sprayed the section that shows in the door jamb with some Krylon semi-flat black. Make sure you use appropriate sized rubber grommets where the wiring cable goes through the door and jamb.

Make sure to use relays — you will need 4 of them — and do not power the motors directly from the switches. Do a Google search on power door lock relay wiring diagram.  The diagram will be the same as for power windows; just remember you have to do 2 sets of relays, 1 set for each window motor. I am not an electrician, but relay wiring is pretty easy.

Here’s a link to Miata.net that shows how to wire up relays. Scroll down to the bottom for the diagram.

I did have to notch out a bit of the inner door to make a pathway for the driving cable to get it up to the window crank area.  The motor itself is installed behind the inner door structure.

Make sure you clean all the dried up grease and crud off all the moving parts on your window regulators and re-lube with white lithium grease from a spray can.

The SPAL kit provides caps to cover the window crank hole in the door panel, and if your interior is not black, just spray to match your color.  My door panels are the flat ‘cardboard’ covered with upholstery, but this kit should work with the ‘molded’ door panels just as well.

I am very pleased with the results. I put my switches in my center console — liberated from a Monza — and the only thing that shows on the door panels is the plastic caps over the window crank holes. The door panels fit just as well as before the installation, and they don’t bulge out.


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