Monza front brakes

Monza front brakes

Converting to Monza ventilated rotors, calipers and brake pads is a worthwhile upgrade on the early Vega. In addition to the ventilated rotors, you get larger pistons in the calipers (for more braking force) and more surface area on the pads. This conversion was done using the Vega spindles, and mud/dust shields.

The rotors were converted to 5 lug by Moser Engineering.  They use 1/2″ screw in studs.

This is very close to a bolt-in conversion. The wheel bearings, and grease seals are the same between the Vega and the Monza.

Minor grinding (more like polishing in my case) was required on the Vega spindles to clear the rotors, and the mud/dust shields needed massaging with a hammer to clear everything.

The Monza calipers I am using have a metric banjo bolt. The metric banjo bolt is shorter than the U.S. thread bolt, so you must change the flex hoses to a metric application.  I used hoses for a 78 monza.

I also converted to a larger master cylinder & power brakes.

A 78 monza master cylinder would give you the additional fluid volume you would need.


9 responses to “Monza front brakes

  1. Is it possible to use the existing hoses on my ’77 Vega with Monza calipers and run the Vega manual master cyl?

    • Jon

      The Monza calipers changed to a metric banjo bolt in (I think) 78′.
      As long as you use Monza calipers with the hose banjo bolt hole in an fractional inch thread, then yes.
      On the master cylinder, I never ran that combination, so I don’t know how that would work.

  2. It?s exhausting to find knowledgeable people on this subject, but you sound like you know what you?re speaking about! Thanks

  3. lawrence

    Im trying to do the 4-5 lug switch myself using s-10 spindles i cant find the coned spacers for the ball joints any help other than that guy at v-8 monza site cant get no answers from him

  4. Keith

    Is there a moser part number for these rotors?

    • Jon

      I have heard that in the last year or so that Moser will not re-drill any more rotors, because of liability concerns.

      • Keith

        I didn’t notice yours had extra holes. I can probably get a pair drilled if I could get the correct rotors without stud holes. Where did you get your rotors from? Does anyone make nondrilled rotors?

  5. Jon

    I bought them new from a guy years ago.
    I don’t know of anyplace you would be able to find un-drilled rotors.

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